Slow Speed Engine

LOVSON” was established in 1968 in the city of Mumbai on the west coast of India.

INDIA has primarily been an agricultural economy and in those days – about 50 years back – most of the industries barring a few, were manufacturing agriculture related machineries i.e. tractors, pumps, engines etc. used in farming and irrigation sector . “LOVSON” saw the opportunity to become a part of this growing industry and assembled its first engine in the year 1969. Apart from marketing the engines locally “LOVSON” sought to export them in similar agricultural based countries in Africa. The first
consignment was exported to Sudan, soon the simple design and maintenance free characteristics of the engine made them very popular and sought after.
Encouraged with this response LOVSON looked to market the engines in surrounding countries like Egypt, Ethiopia, Tanzania and in a short period of time “LOVSON” engines had made a name for itself in the African markets. During the 70’s, LOVSON concentrated on building its marketing base in several African and middle east countries and than in 80’s it proudly represented INDIA in international tenders.
Till date “LOVSON” holds the distinction of exporting the single largest consignment of 6000 engines to Sudan. Its achievements in this field have also been recognized by the Govt. of INDIA and agencies such as Engineering Export Promotion Council – Western region.

Today, LOVSON engines are not only exported to African countries, but also to North and South America , UK – Europe , AUSTRALIA, and other developed nations

These engines which are known by different names i.e. Lister / Peter Clones , Cold Start Engines , CS engines , Slow speed engines etc have stood the test of times because of their simple design and low maintenance . These PRIME MOVERS can be coupled with a water pump and become a water pump set , or run a grinding mill or generate power as a generator when coupled to an alternator . Its wide use makes it a popular choice amongst the industry across various sectors.

LOVSON HAS A WIDE VARIETY OF ENGINES and has developed a few variants including a marine engine as well.
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