Mini Tractor

With urbanization phenomenon increasing at a fast pace , world over, the forest cover and agricultural land is fast reducing on our planet and coupled with the ever burgeoning human population, every country today is promoting and encouraging farming and plantation to meet the growing demand of food, globally . However with the world economy being in the state it is , the governments are not able to provide the right impetus by providing the required incentives and subsidies for this . As a result farmers are facing a shortage of fund to increase their land under cultivation or get a better yield because of lack of investment .
This is where our revolutionary LOW COST , INEPENSIVE mini-tractors show a new path . LOVSON mini-tractors, DON’T require a big investment and are a fraction of the cost of known big tractors . However they perform just as well and because the farmers can afford to buy more than 1 they can extract more work out of them in lesser time increasing their productivity . Also they are very easy to maintain and run . This allows the farmers to avoid big loans and debts and work with peace of mind.
LOVSON mini-tractors is a new idea which is catching on everywhere . Especially because can be easily converted as a multi-utility vehicles with the various implements that we provide for them . We list a few below :
Trailer – Tractor
Bulldozer / Earth moving equipment
Water pumping station

The results they deliver are enormously satisfactory and very encouraging for the farmers .

Salient features of our Tractors :
1. LOW INVESTMENT !! No need to invest heavily in big branded tractors with high horsepower .
2. INCREASED PERFORMANCE : – Our tractors are comparatively so cheap that an agriculturist can purchase multiple tractors and get the work done in less than actual time of 1 bigger tractor .
3. MINIMUM DOWN TIME : These are very simple machines and work efficiently without any breakdowns, and if at all they require any repairs , they are so simple and easy to fix , that they can be fixed in no time with minimum of expense.
4. NON-STOP work : The agriculturist usually procures more than 1 such tractor because of its affordability and so even if one does stop working ( which is highly unlikely) , the other always continues the work .
5. NO REQUIREMENT OF SKILLED LABOUR : The tractors are so simple and easy to drive , run and maintain , that one does not have to hire any skilled workers usually required to run the more expensive, highly sophisticated tractors .

Some of the Implements and accessories that we supply :

1.. Cultivator set
2.. M B Plough
3.. Reversible Plough
4.. Trailor (40ft) delux
5.. Rotavator
6.. Tractor Attached seed drills teeth 10 pipe complte
7.. Tractor attached seed drills teeth 5 pipe complete
8.. Tractor mounted front end loader
9.. Hood (Canopy)