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Lovson ExportsLovson Exports  
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Lovson Exports

About Us

Around 1857, one LOVCHAND AMARCHAND decided to leave the comfort of his home country India, and travel forth to explore the opportunities overseas. He chose Sudan as his base and started his activities from port of "Suakin " . He was probably the first Indian to set foot in Sudan - AFRICA

As his business flourished , he became popular and the locals affectionately started calling him "LOVSON" , it is from this, that our company’s NAME has been derived. Lovchand Amarchand was the grandfather of our current Chairman - Bharatlal Gulabchand Shah.

The times in Africa were changing post World War II, and the new independent countries were experimenting with various forms of governments which resulted in turmoil and unstable regimes. Bharat Gulabchand Shah thought it wise to return to INDIA. He migrated with his immediate family to Rajkot in 1968 to start Lovson group's first business in India.

Post independence , INDIA too was trying to modernise at a much faster pace and was undergoing an industrial revolution. Sensing an opportunity here, Bharatlal Gulabchand Shah set up a unit to assemble and export the Slow speed "Lister " - England type engines. Soon it occurred to him that in the fast expanding Global market it would make more business sense to outsource the assembly and concentrate on marketing, brand building and quality control, this lead him to take a decision which was quite ahead of his time and he hived off the assembly unit and formed a strategic partnership with an Engine assembling unit and started Exporting the engines under LOVSON brand, as outsourcing helped him to reduce costs and pass on the benefits to customers. The profitability improved and business expanded by leaps and bounds and soon Lovson Engines were being exported to many African and south east Asian countries.

The clientele he created were mostly importers who were interested in not just engines but other products too, and since their requirements were many and varied, LOVSON which was exporting just one product became a multi-product co. very soon

The company was recognised by the Government of India as an Export House in the year 1977 and since then hasn't looked backed. Over the years Lovson has grown, by entering into strategic alliances and partnerships with manufacturers and producers in various fields. LOVSON has experienced professionals on the team who operate in tandem with various agencies as one stop shop for best products & services from India.

Contact us:
Export Division
Lovson Exports Ltd.
98, Bajaj Bhavan, Nariman Point
Mumbai-400 021, Maharashtra, INDIA
Ph. No.: +(91)-(22)-22024071
Fax. No.: +(91)-(22)-22045488/66360830

Ahmedabad Office :-
Address: B/901, Safal Pegasus,
100ft. Anand Nagar Road Prahlad Nagar,
Ahmedabad - 380051
Gujarat, India.
Ph. No.: +91-079-40209898

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