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Technical Specifications

Type LOVSON Diesel Engine is SINGLE CYLINDER, vertical, totally enclosed
compression ignition, four stroke cycle, cold starting diesel
engine tested as per IS 11170-1985.
Cumbustion DIRECT INJECTION : cumbustion takes places in a cavity on the
top of the Aluminum Alloy Piston in order to minimise power
loss usually occuring because of gas leakage & heat loss,
resulting in powerful performance, low fuel consumption &
easy start.
Rotation Standard
clockwise rotation when viewed from flywheel end, keeping Air
& Exhaust toward left hand side.
Lubrication Internal
moving parts are partly lubricated by FORCE FEED LUBRICATION
Cooling Engine’s cooling is arranged by run through water supply. A
radiator or cooling tank can be provided if required.
Balancing Engine is balanced with two balance weights bolted on crank shaft. Flywheel is balanced for longer life of moving parts.
Drive Standard power take off is from the flywheel at full speed.
Power take-off from gear end at half or full Engine speed can
be provided against specific requirements.
Fuel System Fuel is supplied to the fuel pump by gravity feed through wire mesh filter in fuel tank & efficient paper element filter in fuel filter.