Marine Diesel Engine

Marine Diesel Engine



Since last 40 years LOVSON has manufactured ‘slow speed diesel engines’  ranging from 2.5 hp to 30 hp and exporting them all over the globe from FIJI to USA covering 6 continents. LOVSON engines are known for their reliability and ‘long-haul , non-stop ’ working.

These engines have various applications and are basically used as ‘prime-movers’ to run a water pump set , electrical generating set etc.  Our buyers have over the years been enquiring for a marine engine of similar nature which can be used in small fishing trawlers. Seizing this opportunity a marine engine was developed.

Our first foray into manufacturing an ‘ in board – marine engine ’ resulted in a single cylinder ___ cc diesel engine with a 1:1 ratio gear box. This has been custom built for a Norwegian Engineering firm , which specializes in supplying engines to fishing boats and trawlers , the kind shown here.

The engine design is inspired by the very simple and uncomplicated ‘’cold start engines / slow speed engines’  originally coming from UK , which  is  time tested and proven making the engine trouble & maintenance free. It is ideally suited for small fishing trawlers which  prefer the slow speed, low noise and simple engine design which are low on maintenance and repair cost.