Sintered parts are powder metallurgical parts. The metal powder used are specifically produced to give flow and compacting characteristics and at the same time ensure best mechanical strength, grade or porosity for oil retention and self lubrication in its finished form.

Product Range
Our product range covers both ferrous and non-ferrous sintered parts. We
supply parts that are used in various industries that include

Automotive components: Cylindrical and flange bushes, gears and other parts
for use in 2, 3 and 4 wheeler
Business Machines: Parts for general office machinery such as Photocopier
and paper shedder machines.
Home Appliances: Cylindrical and spherical bushes for use in fans,
pumps, washing machines, air conditioners and mixers.
Miscellaneous: Parts as per clients specifications.
Ferrous and Non-Ferrous SINTERED SELF
Ferrous Sintered Parts, Non-Ferrous sintered parts
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