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Lost Wax Injection Moulds

We have an extensive experience in manufacturing moulds for Lost Wax Injection. We have already developed a large variety of parts covering a wide spectrum of industries like Automobiles, Aeronautical , Medical, Pumps,
Food Processing , Gas Turbines, Steam Turbines, etc. We provide total solution for lost wax moulds & casting broadly categorized as follows:

Precision Lost Wax Injection Mould Total Solution

  • Complex Engineering Part’s Mould for low volume production.
  • Multi Cavity Precision Moulds For Big Volume Production.
  • Moulds For Highly Intricate Parts.

  • Moulds for Highly Contoured Parts.
  • Moulds for Impellers, Propellers, and Twisted Blade Rotors of any
    Configurations. This is one of our areas of Specialization.
Complex Engineering Part’s Mould for Low Volume Production.
Parts falling in these categories are mainly of low volume parts. They are required in small numbers, or intended for functional prove out of processes and fixtures, or prototype.