Auto Rickshaw

The ubiquitous three wheeler or Autorickshaw which are commonly also known as Tuk-tuks have been backbone for passenger commuting in the weaker economies of the world . They represent the common man in daily life , be it commuting , transporting , or hauling freight . The 3 wheelers provide the a means of livelihood for many because they are very inexpensive and do not require a huge investment , easy and cheap to maintain and their great milage giving ability consumes very little fuel for their running .
LOVSON offers a wide range of 3 wheelers such as 3+1 , 5+1 and 6+1 passenger vehicles , pick-up and delivery van models and other utility models in both petrol and diesel variants .
Our petrol variants can further be converted to CNG and LPG vehicles by fitting them with such kits.
Our dedicated website will be give you a complete insight into our range of these very useful vehicles.