Air Compressor

Air Commpressor


Type SINGLE CYLINDER, vertical, totally enclosed compressor
Rotation Standard clockwise rotation when viewed from flywheel end, keeping inlet & delivery toward left hand side.
Lubrication Internal moving parts are partially lubricated by SPLASH SYSTEM of lubrication. Crank Pin & C.R. Bearings are forced lubricated by plunger type lubricating Oil Pump.
Cooling Cooling is arranged by run through water supply.
Drive Electric motor, according to the out put required

Since the LG Air Compressor uses the same piston, crank, and rod assembly as

the LG compression ignition engine, longevity is assured in the design.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) installations can provide subsidies in certain

localities ( of USA ) , and you should discuss this possibility with your installer or alternative energy consultant. The LG air compressor is water cooled which means more work can be done with the same kilowatt hours of energy ss the incoming air charge is denser.

If the compressor is deployed into a shop or factory where the LG Air Compressor is running a noteworthy part of the day, the cooling water can be

plumbed into a radiator for space heat in an office, or for heating domestic water in a bathroom or break room.